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Lake House

Putnam County, NY

Project Name: Lake House
Location: Putnam County, New York
Project Size: 800SF
Project Features: Sustainable Kitchen, Skylights, Sun Room, Loft Bedroom
Owner: Undisclosed
Architectural Designer: ODA – Architecture P.C.
Architectural Interiors: ODA – Architecture P.C.

The Lake House or summer cabin built in 1954, was purchased with the intention that complete demolition would be necessary. By considering retaining the original structure in an effort to reuse its rustic wood frame and log cladding, it was fairly easy to see a peaceful retreat evolving with year-round contemporary living in a serene, lakeside, country setting.

The 800 SF two-bedroom house with balcony, concrete slab basement, a storage attic, two stone fireplaces had been used during only the summer months and therefore the house was void of some fundamental mechanics. Insulation, moisture control, heating and energy conservation, natural ventilation and use of natural light were considered only at the time of its revitalization.

Basement walls were insulated and vapor barriers added. Exterior underground drainage was built on the high (water side) of the house to pilot running water from house. Raised floors were built on top of the concrete floor to improve air circulation and prevent moisture. The 600 sf. space became a family/play room, laundry room and a small bathroom.

The exterior walls were stripped to the frame, insulated and dry wall was installed over the insulation. All of the original windows were maintained but another layer of glass was added improving insulation. The balcony was enclosed with operable glass panels and became a “sun room” in the winter and an open dining room in the summer.

Skylights were added on the south facing side of the house to allow for more natural light and natural circulation of air.

Two bedrooms where combined with the attic by opening the ceiling, creating access to southern light through skylights, natural ventilation and larger architectural volume.

Original wood floors were maintained, and refurbished as well as the original stone fireplaces.

The interior wood cladding is reclaimed oak, high pressure treated, sanded and stained.

New sustainable wood kitchen by Bazzeo includes aluminum frames for cabinets and doors along with additional “green” features. A propane gas furnace was added to complement the fire place heating.