The new wave of ultra-slender residential towers in Manhattan reflects the shift in global wealth to the private sector. While the traditional New York City skyscraper was a symbol of the corporation’s domination, this new typology of super tall and slender buildings is very different in its program and function, and therefore requires different treatment. This new category of skyscraper must abide by typical tower parameters, yet needs to provide moments for urban living that reflect its new vertical program.

The 44th Street tower combines urban living in the sky with the idea of a suburban backyard. Stretching the program vertically, 16 foot high gaps are created between every two apartments forming sculptural gardens with direct access from every apartment. Every 2800 square foot apartment in the upper portion of the building, is one floor and is complimented by a 1400 square foot private garden. The gardens’ 16 foot height allow direct sunlight to permeate the voids, while the central core and perimeter design dramatically reduce the wind load and provides 360 degree views of the city.

The result overlaps simplicity and sculpture to create a truly iconic silhouette among its historic predecessors.

Location: 305 East 44th, Manhattan, NY, USA

Client: Triangle Assets

Size: 116700 SF

Team: Eran Chen, Ryoko Okada, Yaarit Sharoni, Jayeon Kim, Ulises Castillo, Yuval Borochov, Matthew Wasnewsky, Vi Nguyen